I remember sitting in elementary class staring out the window when I was a child thinking about all the things I was going to do when I grew up, oh sure I dreamt about being a fireman or policeman like most young boys at that age.
But, I also imagined about where I would live, what my house would look like and the great possessions that I would have. I think everyone thinks back about that time in their life when their imagination and potential were Limitless.
Then as you grow up those great images of our imagination fade with time and reality set in and those great ideas fade into oblivion….
Our imagination is where we find ideas that will propel our lives into the life we have always wanted. Why then do we ignore them, or say to ourselves that is just our imagination getting the best of us.
Everything from the cell phones we talk on, to the cars that literally park themselves came from someone’s imagination and was brought into reality by someone who believed in their ideas enough to bring them into the mainstream of our lives today.
Why then do people not listen to their imagination?
Is it because as a child they were taught that they should not believe in such thoughts or was it our school systems that forced our children to think differently  and our imaginations are dismissed as foolish thoughts that should not be taken seriously.
When we start out in our own business, we all get a rush of ideas and our imagination runs with the what if” potential.
The main problem is we do not give our imagination and potential a chance before our preprogrammed thoughts cancel out our fantastic ideas and we resort back to mainstream thinking.
The ones who succeed are the ones who run with their ideas and put them into action. Of course some work very well and some do not, but they will succeed because they are willing to be limitless with their imagination and take action on them.
Thinking outside the box will make you a success, try remember back when you were a child in that classroom looking out the window imagining what your life would be like.
The only difference between that child and you now is that you no longer believe in your potential. Behind every very successful person is someone with a limitless imagination andbelieves that they can make it happen!!
People like Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, and The Wright Brothers.
These are just a few of the people who did not let their imaginations fade and believed in themselves and their abilities.
The only difference between them and you is their potential and imaginations that were Limitless to create what their amazing imaginations could come up with.
Think about your ideas and thoughts and what you could really do if you believed in yourself. Do not just push them aside; think how you can apply them into your life and business.
The successful people in this world past or present always looked beyond what everyone else thinks, that’s why they become a success in their personal and business life.
Do you have great ideas that you thought about but did not either take them seriously enough or did not believe in yourself enough to put them into action.
Think about if you had acted on those ideas from your imagination, and just think if your audience liked and acted on them.
Think where you would be now if you only believed in your limitless potential.
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To your personal and professional success,
Barbora and Robert Bourne

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