“You can’t always wait for the perfect moment.  Sometimes you must let go and dare to take that risk because life is too short to wonder what could have been.”
Hi it’s Barb and Robert…
 We want to give you something to think about.
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone spent less time focusing on other people’s lives and more time focused on their own goals?
Your life will walk a different path….
When you focus on yourself instead of others, you will have a more fulfilling and better life.
Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, you are a second away from changing anything at any given moment.
It’s up to you to make the change…
You know inside what that dream or life goal is you hold close, but are scared to act on it.
One of the best parts of going after your dream is finding something you are passionate about.
A combination of passion, control, and focus is what leads to success in any endeavor, and because it’s an inside dream and passion you will naturally be inclined to work harder at it.
The consistent hard work you do will change who you are as a person.
And once that happens…..
You’ll never be the same again.
It’s not worth it to worry about what other people are saying and doing.
The opinions of others will just not matter; you’ll begin to realize that you have special qualities that with hard work will help you to succeed where you never thought you could.
In time, hard work becomes the vehicle that sets you free.
Each one of us is equipped to live life on our own terms, make choices that empower us, and work each day toward making our dreams and goals a reality.
Most people don’t. For some, it’s the fear of failure, so strongly ingrained that they never even try.
And even the ones that do start usually give up as soon as things get challenging.
And that’s just sad…..
With a strong work ethic and mentors to guide you along the ups and downs of your journey your success will be your ultimate result.
If you stick with it and always having your ultimate goal in mind you can do whatever you set your positive mind to!!
We know there’s an area of your life that you aren’t happy with.
Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if your sole focus shifted toward improving this part of your life?
“The only thing separating you from where you are and where you want to be is consistent and intentional hard work.”
If you’re struggling you must ask yourself:
What’s holding you back?
Why haven’t you started yet?
What’s standing in your way from getting started?
If you’re able to read this email you have access to strategies and mentors that can help you get moving towards your goals in life.
you finish on anyway, so pick one and get started.
What if you have a strategy and still can’t do it?
That’s called
Self-sabotage means there is a part of you resisting the change you supposedly desire.
It’s up to you to go deep inside yourself and figure out what that thing is, and then change it.
Ask yourself the questions that scare you.
The faster you get real with yourself and figure out what’s holding you back, the faster you will achieve your goal.
We know it’s intimidating to think about the work it would take for you to have the job or life you’ve always wanted?
Something inside of you is resisting change.
Whether it’s a 1% hang up, or 99% is arbitrary. If you are not happy with your life you can change it at any stage in your life.
But, it requires your full commitment.
We don’t know your goals, your situation, or what’s stopping you, but we can tell you with certainty that what’s plaguing you is within in your control to change it.
It will never be your fault that you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for up to this point.
But it will always be your responsibility to do what it takes to make it right.
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Take Care
Talk soon
Barbora and Robert Bourne