“You know his name”……

Here is The Bourne Identity of My Life and My Journey

Remembering my lost family is hard, I try to remember what they look like now, but so many years have passed.

My life was not a fair one growing up; I had lost so many important people in my family at a young age. I had a name that was unknown, a name that no one could remember.

I could not deal with my tragic life; I started killing my dreams with alcohol, cutting off my friends and what was left of my family.

For years I was the man who did not want to remember his own past.

The final straw was when the one true friend I trusted more than anyone died. I know now that part of that person I was….. died with him.

It was then that my true identity came through, the man I knew I was inside…. my Bourne Identity was now leading my life.

I stopped drinking almost cold turkey; I isolated myself far from the city I grew up in to cut out all the destructive people and things that were ruining my life.

I focused on only myself those 12 long months; I cleaned myself up and emerged stronger in ways I never felt before. It was almost like I had to go through that tragic life in those early years to learn how to be who I was meant to be.


I came back to the city, wanting to show the ones who did not believe in me that I was a different person, someone who was stronger and more focused then I ever was.

I killed their ridicule by getting a great job I never was able to get being the person I was.

I could think clearer, feeling my deceased father I was too young to really know walking with to me helping me the way he never could, being torn away from my life at the young age of four.

Finally, I met the woman that would change my life forever, the woman I would eventually marry. Bringing a loving family back into my life, giving me back what I had lost all those years ago.

She helped me look at life differently, teaching me what was really possible in life if you only believe in your abilities, abilities I had forgotten I had.

Then just when I started to remember what life was really like, my wife started having health problems, it was small issues to start, but they were increasingly getting worse because of her heavy work load with her job.

I needed to kill it by finding a better way to earn money, a way that we could both stay at home and be our own bosses, and have time and location freedom so we could go back to her European country were her loving family is and where life runs at a much slower pace.

So, I searched for what seemed months and finally found the business opportunity that would be able to give us the life and freedom we were looking for.

My wife and I now are working together, helping others find their future, helping them to move forward into a life they never thought they could have.

Are you reading this wanting more out of your life?

Maybe you too have had a tough life, where life never seems to give you a break, and you’re always on the run.

You could be killing it and be able to;

  • Spend more time with your wife or husband and the ones you love.
  • Being able to forget your past and finally move forward to something better.
  • And finally leaving your financial struggles behind.

Let The Bourne lifestyle give you the future you have always been looking for.

Just like Jason Bourne, we now fight for the less fortunate and give them their lives they were meant to live.

The Bourne Lifestyle in the 21st century is the lifestyle where you become your own boss and utilize the internet and leverage other successful businesses to reach your real identity and your life’s goals.

With the right:

  • Mentors,
  • Tools,
  • Knowledge

You can achieve:

  • Financial,
  • Personal,
  • Professional,
  • Location freedom.

Take your life back from your boss or business that is running your life NOW!!


Everyone was born with these qualities, but most people were sucked into the 9 to 5 rat race for the rest of their lives!!!

It’s up to you if you want to slave away all your life to build financial freedom for someone else’s dreams. Or do you have the guts to finally tell yourself that you’ve had enough!!

We know you tell yourself quietly in your head that you want to be rewarded for all the hard grueling work you do day in day out. We know you want a better life for your family, but you just don’t know how to get there or even where to start?

… Right!

We really understand what you’re struggling with. Look, my wife and I played on the Bourne Identity theme at bit here, but our last name is really Bourne…

Everything I wrote about my life was the truth. I lost many family members even before I was old enough to know who they were. I also lost my sister tragically and suffered severe alcoholism for years and lost my good lifelong friend Dave.

All of this is true.

Now I’m not telling you this for any sympathy or to use it for any tricks to get on your soft side.

I’m telling you this because if someone like me that lost pretty much his whole family before I was 14 can turn his life around and become who I am today in business and in life, then you can also overcome anything that you’re challenged with in your life.

You just have to start in the right direction with the right people by your side showing you the way…

You know you deserve as much as you put in. So why not start now. YOU are the only one who can change the direction of your life.

So…. what is it going to be?

Are you going to let this opportunity pass, or are you going to let us help you to start your life you always wanted?

Are you working hard at some 9 to 5 job now right?

Why not work hard on a business that will build a better life for you and your family…

All you have to do is to make one move in the right direction…..

You know our name……. and now you know our life.

What is your identity?

Come join us.

It will be the best decision you will ever make towards your future.

To your personal and professional success,

Barbora and Robert Bourne