“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.”
                                                                                                — F. Scott Fitzgerald
Hi Barb and Robert here;
We hope you are doing well…
As always we have a Free Gift for you, so stay with us till the end of a little bit longer than usual blog and the Free Gift is yours to keep.
This week we want to share with you something we think holds us all back in one way or another…
What are the thoughts and fears you have deep inside that are keeping YOU from breaking through and achieving what you want!
We want to help you…
Our lives were not always this good…
We were stuck in our 12hour + a day jobs struggling through traffic…. every day, we had a mountain of debt that we thought we could never dig ourselves out of…
We felt trapped and broke, we lived from paycheque to paycheque..

Does thishit home with you….

After years of setbacks and mistakes we have managed to make a new life for ourselves…
Let us try to help you…
When was the last time you stopped to really analyze our fears?
Not only to see what they are but also to see what they stop you from becoming.
How many opportunities do you miss by avoiding things you are afraid of?
The reality is you’ll never know…
There could be life-changing jobs, friendships and business connections, just waiting to be taken or formed.
And that’s the scary side effect of letting fear control your life…
You never know what we’re truly capable of achieving…
You risk years of regret, of what-ifs, and what you should-have-been…
Despite all its uncertainty, fear does make a few guarantees:
  • Fear kills dreams.
  • Fear holds you back.
  • Fear distorts your world.
  • And fear determines your success or failure.
It has the ability to infect your mind… It consumes all of your thoughts …
If you let it…
Face your fears, and you’ll get the payoffs.
Without taking risks, without facing our fears, and without pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone, we can never reach our true potential.
It’s really that simple.
SO …why don’t more of you do exactly that?
So let’s be honest with each other..
The truth makes you uncomfortable, especially when it exposes weaknesses inside us.
It makes us cringe when we think back on the laundry list of excuses we used

We now know it was BS, but at the time it was comforting to hide from the fears, but in reality they were actually holding us back…

We did this for years…
Until we realized we had the power within us all along to make decisions, and we empower ourselves by taking actions toward our goals, no matter how daunting and scary they may of seemed.
You have to go out in the world and try.
Today, let’s face your fears head on and empower yourself to break free.
Your challenge for today: start crushing your fears in five simple steps
Specific Goals:
Make a list of 5 things you’ve really wanted to do but haven’t because fear has been holding you back.
It can be anything, even something very simple to start..
Be creative and don’t hesitate to write anything down.
If you want it, list it.
Even if you think it’s silly or you can’t do it just yet, don’t let that stop you…
Just write it all down…The more you write down the better…
Once you have your list of 5 things, move on to the next step. But don’t skip ahead.
Be thorough here. We promise if you go through the exercise correctly, you’ll reap the rewards.
Now that you have your list of 5 things/action items, take a second to review it.
Really go back over it and make sure you don’t want to add anything else.
Okay, what you’re going to do next might shock you, but we want you to select only the top two goals that you’d like to achieve.
Shelve the other four things for now. You’re going to focus all of your mental energy on this one goal.
This should be the utmost important to you.
Something that, if you accomplished them, would make you feel incredibly good.
Circle just one.
Keep moving, now, to the next step.
Here’s where you get very strategic in your approach.
Anyone can make a list of goals and feel good for a moment.
But for most people, goals go into a pile of dreams and wishes to remain unfinished.
We differentiate ourselves by creating a plan to follow through.
So now, let’s create a simple set of action steps to help achieve your goal.
But before we move forward, here is our example;
My wife Barb and I work very well together and we both have strengths in different areas..

I have had dyslexia my whole life and I always had struggles with staying focused and speaking in front of people.

My fears were holding me back from a better life, after many years and help from my loving wife Barb I finally gained the courage to push myself beyond my comfort zone…
This helped me realize that I could do the things I feared most, it was an amazingly freeing feeling in my life I have to tell you…
My wife Barb on the other hand is a teacher and had plenty of experience talking in front of groups of people and is an organizing master..
Had major trouble with ANYTHING connected to finances,… 🙁 and  always had fears about saving enough money for bills, credit card payments, rent, mortgage payments.
She would freeze up with fear at the end of every month because she did not know where she stood financially and would scramble to pay all her monthly bills..
Then she married me.. 🙂
I am very good at managing money and helped her move past her fears, as she did for me and now she is much more confident with money… well almost… 🙂
Even though we struggled financially through the early years of our life together we pushed ourselves and made a better life that we are experiencing today.
​​​​​​​YOU can do the same…
If we can give you any helpful advice… it would be this;
Try to follow through on what your trying to achieve… If you pull back at this point, you will have a hard time regaining the confidence that this simple lesson is trying to teach you..
Seeing it Happening
Create a vivid vision of yourself following through on your goal and conquering your fears.
Allow yourself to enjoy this moment, and see yourself as truly being successful.
Remember, our minds can’t tell a vision in our heads apart from something that actually happens to us.
So you can use this to your advantage and practice in advance, without actually having to take action just yet.
The more vivid and real you can make your vision, the more powerful this exercise becomes.
So include, how things look, smell, and feel in your visualization.
Lastly, Start Fulfilling Your Dreams, Today.
Go out and take action toward your goal. Now that you know what you want to do, how to do it, and have seen yourself be successful, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.
Most people don’t work on their dreams or try to channel greatness. They let life happen to them and fear ruins every accomplishment.
What will you do?
Let us know what happened when you tackled your first fear.
Here is your Free Gift to keep, we hope you gain some great value from it.
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