Barb and I know that everyone has bad habits, not all of us admit to having them, but we all do in some way or another. This post is dedicated to identifying your bad habits and breaking them for good!!

We both know if you can find out how to break bad habits it’s the difference between success and constant failure in your life.

We say that because, while good habits will generate the results you want in life and business, bad habits can destroy everything.

We will be the first to admit that we both have some bad habits that drive each of us crazy. When you have been married for sometime those simple bad habits are enough to want to strangle your significant other, or close family members.

The trick is not to let them escalate to the point where it affects your personal and business life. You have to be aware of them, whether it’s in you, your husband or wife or close family members.

Before We Get Too far into This, Let’s Look at What a Habit Is.

A habit is an idea that has been planted in your mind at a very young age and then repetitively fed. After a period of time, you act on the idea without giving it any thought.

Let’s give you an example of how a habit is formed.

Try to remember back when you first started to go to school, you were nervous about what it would be like and usually one of your parents would take you to school or to the school bus stop, to make sure you arrived safely.

Over time you took the same route to school, till it got to the point where you did not have to even look where you were going,


Because it was set in your head for good, your subconscious had fixed itself in your head to the point where you did not have to think about it anymore.

So this was just a simple example of how a habit is formed, good or bad habits are all formed this way, however bad habits can really affect your life in a number of ways.

You develop habits to accomplish everything that you do, and some of them are not that productive.

 I Have a Confession about My Past…

To give you help in your life and business my wife Barbora has convinced me to confess something from my past I am not too proud of.

I did not hang around with the most desirable people when I was in my teens and twenties. My friends and I used to go to our favorite bar after work and weekends and drink till closing time.

This was something we did on a weekly basis; we did not think at the time that it was a complete waste of our time and money, but when you’re young sometimes you do not have the best judgement.

My turning point was when my very good friend Dave told us he had cancer. I have to say that all my friends and I were shocked. Dave was a big robust man and was full of life, and it made all of us stop and think about our own lives.

The sad thing about this part of my life I am sharing with you is that a short year later Dave had succumbed to the cancer and pasted away. This really affected my life, Dave and I were as close as 2 friends could be, and now he was gone.

I stopped drinking almost immediately and started to focus on things I thought that would change my life.

But you know what I did?

I went from spending all my money at the bar to wasting my money on cars and things that did not really matter.

So I went from helping somebody with a bar get wealthy, to giving my money to car and store salesman for things I did not really need, but thought I did.

Then, one day I finally figured it out:

If you don’t consciously and deliberately replace a bad habit with a good habit, you’ll automatically create another unhealthy habit.

Changing Just One or Two Habits Makes a Huge Difference

Changing bad habits takes solid effort and you shouldn’t try to change more than two habits at once.

It’ll become too big, and you won’t change any.

I know from experience that if you pick just one or two habits to replace, and stick with your plan until the new life habit becomes automatic, it will make a tremendous difference in your life. It sure did for me, if I kept on the same course I probably would have ended up something like my friend Dave.


Instead I quit drinking for good and straightened my life out and I was lucky enough to meet  my beautiful loving wife Barbora to whom I owe my life I have now too.


What Habit Do You Want to Change?

Trust me when I say, changing a habit takes a strong effort and understanding, but I guarantee it’s worth the effort.


Here’s How You Break a Bad Habit Permanently.

Step One

Write down one thing—that goal, that dream, that challenge that you have not yet resolved in your life. Your subconscious mind thrives on detail so describe it to yourself as vividly as you can.

The thing to remember, if you’re trying to break a habit that is not working for you, and you don’t consciously and deliberately replace it with something good, you’re going to form another unhealthy habit.

The question to ask is how do you recognize that something is a bad habit?

How you recognize it by is looking at your behavior. It’s your behavior that is giving you a result you don’t want.

Step Two

Write out everything you think about, the good and the bad, everything that the thought of it brings to your mind. Write it all out in clear detail.

Next, ask yourself what the opposite of what you just wrote out would be.

Then, on the separate sheet of paper, write out the behavior that is the opposite of the behavior you want to change.

When you’re finished, burn the piece of paper that has the negative behavior written on it. Although this is symbolic, it is important that you destroy it.

Step Three

Write the positive behavior three to five times every day and read it frequently.

Eventually, the new idea will start to take hold in your subconscious mind, which will take the power away from the old habit. The negative habit will die, and the positive one will take over.

Step Four

Ok, it’s time to get serious;

It’s time to get to the bottom of your habits.

Ask yourself the following questions about the habit you want to change:

  • Why do I do this?
    • What evidence do I have that it is a good idea?
    • Where did I get such an idea?

Keep on digging until you’ve exhausted every possible scenario.

Finally, now that you know what your bad habit or habits are, you now have to focus on what you have to do to reprogram your mind.

In clear English this means that you know now what’s holding you back from real life or professional success. You need to focus in on the opposite of what’s holding you back.

It will be one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life, but if you want real change you need to fix why you are not having the life you truly want. You can do it!!!

Pick an undesirable habit today and do this process every day. It will change your life.

It did for me…


To your personal and professional success,

Barbora and Robert Bourne