Everybody likes schedule and repetition.

If we have to learn something new, or if we have to try something we may not feel comfortable with, our whole body may go on strike. That’s normal. We all experience it.

Getting out of comfort zone is not easy!

Let’s just take a look at this example. If I want to lose weight, but I hate exercise, I still have to get out there and start some activity because if I don’t, then I will get no results.

It’s the same in the business. If you know that doing something can help you to either take your business off the ground or take it to the next level, you need to do it. And yes, I know that perhaps you may not know how, or it seems too complicated. But just constantly thinking about it and avoiding it will not help you.

Let’s talk about making videos. You may feel intimidated by doing videos for a few reasons, and I know for a fact that majority of people out there feel the same as you.

  1. Being Uncomfortable in front of a CameraFirst, you may be scared to be in front of a camera. But in reality, majority of us feel that way. It doesn’t matter if we are used to talking in front of people or not. It doesn’t matter if we are shy or outgoing. Most of us feel uncomfortable when we stand in front of the camera. It’s a natural feeling.The truth is that you may not be so uncomfortable being in front of the camera as much as you are probably more scared of the unknown. Not knowing something and thinking about it on daily basis is what gets to us.

    But let’s go back to our beginnings. When we were born, we have no idea how to talk or walk. Do you think we were scared as babies to learn these two things? Well, I don’t remember anything about being scared when I was a baby, but I don’t think that was the case. I most likely observed the world around me, looked at what other people were doing, and tried to follow them in the same way.

    So I believe that I tried many times to get to the same level of knowledge as the adults around me. So when I noticed that everyone around me was moving and walking, I tried to move around to get more mobile. And yes, it took a very long time and I went through different stages from crawling to walking with support until I was able to walk independently.

    And the same happened with words. First, I’m sure I have realized that I have a sound – crying, screaming, and listening to different sounds that were coming out of me. And by observing others around, I’m sure I started to imitate the most frequent words I heard. So when I started to learn the speech, I know it was not easy, and it was also a long process. But I tried to form different words one by one, then phrases, and finally sentences. And before I knew it, I was able to talk just like everybody around me.

    So the best way to overcome the uneasy feeling is to start practicing. You can start small in the comfort of your home. Just set up a camera in a quiet place, push the record button and start talking. Using your I-phone is so convenient because you can view your video instantly and if you don’t like it, you can erase it as soon as it’s done and viewed. So nobody else will see anything if you are not comfortable with it.

    Or perhaps, get someone else to help you. Think of one person who you have the most fun with and you feel comfortable around. Get that person to help you to overcome the fear. By talking to that person, joking and making fun of yourself on camera will get you more comfortable making videos.

    1. Lack of Content

    Second, you may feel that you don’t have anything to talk about. Then think about why you want to do videos in the first place. Are videos designed to help you with growing your newly started business?

    Don’t know what to talk about
    Don’t know what to talk about?

    Well, if you are a newbie, perhaps that can be true. But nothing will stop you from sharing your story with the rest of the people out there. The best way to start is by sharing who you are and what brought you into the business. Why did you decide to change your career or life? I am sure that there are many people out there with similar stories who can relate to you. And you never know if there is someone out there hoping to get inspiration or help because he/she may be just spinning his or her wheels and getting nowhere in life. Maybe a person out there is longing for help but don’t know how to get out of the 9 to 5 “rat race”.

    As one of our dear friends said…

    …think about it as you are being selfish. Maybe there is someone in desperate need for help, and maybe, just maybe, you can change that person’s life. How would you feel if you actually shared your story and helped that person? Would you feel good about it? I’m sure you would.

    As I mentioned earlier, you cannot possibly know how many people you may reach and touch.

    Don’t know where and how to start?
    Don’t know where and how to start?

    If you think of any successful entrepreneurs, they all have a heartbreaking story. They all have been where you are right now: new to everything with no experience, money, or contacts. But what makes them different from the majority of people out there who will try to do a business but fail is that they shared their story with millions of people. They have touched others’ lives and help them to overcome different obstacles in their lives. They helped them perhaps just by making a few videos and sharing themselves with others.

    Also, by getting to know you, you will find it a lot easier to even offer and promote your products or business opportunities to others because the more your customers get to know you and you build your relationship with them, the easier it will be to sell to those who have heard of you before and followed you and your story. So in other words, your business can grow substantially just by allowing others to get to know you better and on a deeper level.

    Then the next step, you can research the topics that you know will benefit the people you want to attract to your business opportunity or products you offer. Learn as much as you possibly can about the benefits of what you promote. As long as you present benefits to your customers, you solve problems your customers may have; you have a great content for videos.

    1. Lack of Equipment

    Finally, you may not be willing to start making videos because of the lack of equipment. But in reality, when you are starting out, you may not have money to buy an expensive camera, get a tripod, and a good microphone. But if you are new to making videos, it will take some time for you to get comfortable making them, and you need to see if you even want to stick with it and continue to make them on a daily basis.

    You do not want to buy all the expensive equipment just to find out that you actually do not want to do videos. So after you start practicing and get comfortable, you can either borrow your friends’ tools, or perhaps you can rent them for a day or two. That way you can get your videos done, and then you will see if creating videos is something you want to do or not.

    However, today, just a simple I-phone gives you all you need. Find yourself a quiet place with good lighting; you don’t even need anything else but your phones camera. Filming short videos has never been easier. The technology is so advanced these days that you really do not need to spend a lot of money to start making videos.

    So to sum it up, because shooting videos is easy and video marketing is still super cheap, you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get super cheap traffic and good leads to your business on an autopilot.

    So the best advice is to embrace the challenge.

    • Go out there and practice making videos every day until you get comfortable.
    • Be the one who will go that extra mile to learn something new and do what most people won’t.
    • Share your story with others to inspire them and teach them the right path to the success.

    The good news is that today you don’t need any expensive cameras or complicated equipment. All you need is your I-phone and you are set.

    And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Be yourself, get your message out, and people will appreciate if you are not 100% perfect because they see that you try and want to share value with others.

    Being personal and sharing yourself with your audience, you will definitely be able to attract more traffic and, ultimately, generate more sales.

    So go out there, do it, and take action. If you do, you will find that it’s not that difficult after all, and you may find it even rewarding and enjoyable. You never know unless you try it.

    And if you need any help with implementing, do not hesitate and let us know. We are here for you. Just hit the reply to our e-mail, and let us know what you need.

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