Who Am I?

Barbora-with-Robert-12  I grew up in Slovakia with one sister in a very loving, caring and very large family who was always looking out for me. Even though I struggled through most of my time in school, I graduated as a teacher at Comenius University in Slovakia.

One of my main character traits is that I’m very stubborn. However, stubbornness, adventure seeking, and perseverance are the most important traits that got me where I am today.

Just to give you a few examples… I was never talented for learning languages. I have tried to study Russian, German, and English, but I could not understand any. I even made a deal with my English teacher at high school not to choose English as my graduating subject just to get a passing mark! But I studied this language for a very long time, and I went to England by myself to learn it while working for an English family. I really wanted to see if I was able to learn another language or not. Later, I decided to go to Canada to learn more about other cultures, meet new people, travel, work and continue to study English in British Columbia, Canada. It was a very long journey, and I only came to BC with $240 dollars in my pocket and no return ticket! Isn’t that crazy? Nobody from my family believed that I would be the one going so far away on my own since I have always preferred to stay at home most of the time.

But I made it even though my journey to success was a very long one and full of tough but great experiences. Over the years, I worked in different kinds of jobs from care-giving, customer service, to even trying different MLM businesses when I ended up at one point together with one of my business partners hiring an aesthetician for our salon which put me in a lot of debt!

After many years of getting a lot of tough life lessons, I finally managed to finish my degree at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC where I was re-certified to be able to continue teaching locally in the English language, and I worked for many years in elementary and high schools as well as adult education.

If I was not stubborn and didn’t have that perseverance in me, I would have never been able to teach English. So if you are reading my bio, you can see how patience is a virtue! Also, if you want something badly enough, you can get it. You just have to do whatever it takes to get you there.

I went back to university, and I invested in myself to become a teacher again in BC, Canada. I struggled a lot while doing it because I had to support myself working in 2 different jobs while going full-time to school. But I survived and got myself not one but two teaching positions: one in the K – 12 system teaching children and teenagers and the other one teaching adults in the evening.Barbora-with-Robert-3

And that brought me to my wonderful husband Robert. We met by a chance at one of the sites where I taught evening classes. Even though neither of us had time to date since we both had different kinds of jobs on the go, we managed to get to know each other and after a few short months, he proposed to me.

So since then we both had each other for support; however, we were both spinning our wheels getting nowhere in our careers. I noticed that my regular work week of about 37 teaching hours (which is almost 2 full-time jobs!) would end up being about 70+ hours because of all the preparations and marking. My husband, on the other hand, even though he changed a few jobs over the last few years, none of them had a great future or potential. We both found ourselves constantly exhausted and stressed. We didn’t even know what a weekend looked like. We had no weekends because we constantly worked!

Consequently, over the last couple of years, we knew something had to change. We just didn’t know how exactly we were going to stop trading time for money. We knew we needed a plan to change our life that was going nowhere. We needed to stop spinning our wheels.

So after months and months or research and a few eye-opening revelations and bad experiences, we found the solution, something that would help us to grow as individuals as well as a couple, and we also wanted to continue to help others.

Now our main focus is to help other hard-working and open-minded couples or individuals who struggle in their jobs and don’t see much of a future ahead.

Are you still with me? If you got all the way down to the end of this bio, you must find similarities between you and I. You can apply for your

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