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Why It’s so Important To Be Your Own Brand

Barbora and I are always asked by so many people why it is so important to be your own brand. Our simple answer is that people buy you!! Not so much what you’re selling (even though that is also important). What we mean by that is you have to make a connection to your audience; [...]

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How to Stay Motivated (3 Simple Ideas)

  Barbora and I always struggled with staying motivated on the task at hand. We would always get distracted by one thing or another. Getting motivated is the easy part. But maintaining enthusiasm, excitement and commitment over the long haul can be difficult, primarily because for most of us it doesn’t just happen. When Barb [...]

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10 Ways To Beat Procrastination in Your Life

Barbora and I know only too well how procrastination can stop you and your business flat in its tracks. When we decided to start out in the internet business we thought of all the great ideas and ways we could really make our business grow. We started off like many before us that we could [...]

By | June 18th, 2016|posts|1 Comment

7 Tips to Maximize a Location to Grow Your Business Fast & Networking with the Best

Have you heard that saying, “If you are the smartest one in the room, you have to change the group of people you socialize with?” We learn all our lives. My husband and I are life-long learners and we want to constantly improve ourselves on daily basis. And what’s the best way [...]

By | June 9th, 2016|posts|1 Comment

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: Creating Videos

Everybody likes schedule and repetition. If we have to learn something new, or if we have to try something we may not feel comfortable with, our whole body may go on strike. That’s normal. We all experience it. Getting out of comfort zone is not easy! Let’s just take a look at this example. If [...]

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